I get endless compliments on my 2-wheeled wicker shopping basket. It was a Christmas present from my husband who was looking out for my back. I used to experience frequent backs spasms, probably from a very bad habit of carrying an absurd amount of things home from the grocery store, library, thrifting boutiques etc, while also wearing my babies. So I was in pain more often than I should be. Every time he suggested I get myself a shopping buggy I’d refuse because I found them ugly, and unfashionable. So, being the creative guy he is, he tracked down this French country market inspired shopping buggy – which he bought at a French house wear boutique (no longer in business).

It’s wonderful that grassroots activists, everyday citizens, wildlife and nature lovers, and people with common sense are embracing the low-waste, zero-waste, reuse everything lifestyles. It’s nothing new of course, I don’t remember my grandmothers ever using a plastic bag. They always carried their own lovely totes everywhere they went. My maternal grandparents ran a convenience store out of their home and sold bulk cookies, bulk candy, pop that came in glass bottles, and soda water syphons that would get refilled. No plastic bags in sight!

These days, there are endless ways to say no thank you when you’re offered a plastic bag, or when you’re faced with the obstacle of trying to buy bulk items. I don’t have a fancy branded reusable kit. Mine’s a mish mash of bags – plastic bags that we’ve been reusing over and over and over, produce bags that we’ve bought or repurposed, thermal bags we’ve bought from Whole Foods*, and some very sweet reversible cloth bags we bought at an art market.

Here’s some photos of the items our household is using the most these days to get our groceries, bulk items, hardware store purchases home. We don’t have a car, so these bags have proved very reliable on long walks. If you have any questions about getting started, getting motived, or want to know more about what you see in these pictures, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. Whole Foods didn’t pay me to say that; it’s just that over time their thermal bags have lasted the longest and performed the best.

Shopping Basket on Wheels
Reusable thermal courier bag
Reusable Thermal Bags
Reusable Produce Bags
Bungee cord, elastics, reversible cloth bag
Imperfectly beautiful reusable kit: thermal tumblers for water, tea, ice, mini tote, fork, spoon, reusable straw, cloth dishcloth/napkin.
Backpacks kids have outgrown
You can reuse bulk store plastic bag, citrus bags. *Always*, always, have a stack of folded bags with you. Always.
Is your go-to reusable bag kit hanging to dry? Just grab an assortment of bags and stuff them into your backpack.
In love with this micro tote by North 49. Scrunches up in its pouch in seconds.
Micro tote expands beautifully. Even has a zipper. Excellent long strap. Can carry a lot!

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